What We Do

We injection mold plastic parts in small quantities of one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand at a time. Molding is a mass production process normally used to make millions of parts, and to do that you need fully automatic hardened steel molds that cost tens or hundreds of thosands of dollars. We build small molds in aluminum that cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and have been doing it since 1974. We have molds 25 years old that have run over a million parts and are still good. The parts are just as good and if you decide the design needs a little tweaking, mold changes are pretty reasonable. We mold most plastics- nylon, polycarb,ABS, noryl, polypropylene, elastomers, etc. and supply everyone from fortune 500 companies to kickstarter projects with the parts they need - great for JIT programs. This is a paragraph. Double-click the text box and begin editing. Use the text editor to customize your text. It's that easy! Often we make a mold for the prototype and then produce in batches of 100 to 1,000 from it. We can then upgrade the tool for larger production runs if required. Upgrades like adding more part cavities or side actions or ejectors reduce the cost per part. If you have a project that will sell only a few hundred or a few thousand parts in a year it is often cheaper to have us mold them than to machine them. The money saved on full-scale tooling can be spent on marketing or just reduce the amount you need to spend for your project. We can also be an economical source for replacement parts if a mold has been lost or vanished from a subcontractor's inventory. Send us a file, sketch, print or 3d print and we will send you a quote.

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